How to Wear Colorful Men’s Shoes with Confidence and Style

We are firm believers that shoes are the most artistic and important accessory in a man’s wardrobe, and shoes can make or break an outfit. The good news is that the traditional rules of how men should wear shoes no longer apply; you can wear Oxfords with jeans and trainers with a suit. The key to pulling off these fashion-forward looks is to make sure you make good use of color.

The typical color options for men’s shoes are fairly limited. Most men’s shoes come in black, white, brown, oxblood, tan, and navy blue. While there’s always a place for classics like a well-polished pair of black dress shoes, sticking to this color palette limits your style and personal expression.

We want to challenge you to open up to the idea of wearing more colorful styles of footwear. We’ve created this how-to article to inspire you to put your best foot forward in bold, colorful shoes. We hope that after reading this you feel confident in wearing men’s shoes in every color on the spectrum.

Pair Bright Shoes with Neutral Clothes


Calder loafer in red leopard

When you put on a pair of bright shoes, you want them to remain the center of attention, so anchor them with neutral clothing and accessories. Let them remain the showpiece of your outfit and keep the rest of your outfit fairly tailored and simple.

Go Blue

Blue is a fashionable way to add some personality to your business-casual looks. We love dressing in monochrome, picking various shades of blue for different pieces of an outfit. Our DARBY ankle boots have simple, chic lines that make them perfect for casual affairs and more formal events. Bright blue is a welcome pop of unexpected color in all-black casual outfits, too.

Wear Printed Shoes with Matching Solid-Colored Basics

You’re probably realizing a theme by now: let your shoes take center stage and keep the rest of your outfit understated. When it comes to rocking printed shoes, it’s best to stick to solid colors for your clothing, making sure the colors complement those in the shoes. A casual printed loafer like our TASCA Camouflage Loafer looks fun and fashionable when worn with jeans and a solid green t-shirt.

Walk on the Wild Side in Animal Print Shoes

A well-made pair of animal print men’s shoes can quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. Treat animal print like your new neutral, and build your outfit around the colors in the print. If the shoes are a yellow hue like our DART Leopard Lace-Ups, try pairing them with black and brown clothing. If the animal print is a more out-there hue like red or purple, like our CALDER Red Leopard Loafers, keep the rest of your outfit black and white to really let the shoes stand out.

Statement Tees Go Well with Statement Shoes


Some men’s shoes have extremely fashion-forward colors, prints and patterns. Take, for example, our PEACE Loafer with its blue and beige suede upper and giant peace sign logo. Either stick to solid, complementary colors for the rest of your outfit or go all out with a carefully-chosen statement tee. You can mix and match an array of colors and patterns, as long as it all ties together from top to bottom. Just make sure the tee has complementary or matching colors to your shoes.

Wear Bright Shoes with Cropped (or Rolled) Pants

Lastly, make sure your pants aren’t hiding your bright and bold shoes! Be proud of your fashion choice and either choose tailored trousers jeans that you can roll up to show them off. A little ankle can go a long way in bringing more attention to your stylish shoes!

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