Are Designer Shoes Comfortable?

When it comes to designer shoes, it’s tough to find a pair that are chic and comfortable to walk in. You would think that the premium price reflects comfort and reliability when in fact, the cost depends on factors such as trending styles, quality workmanship, cutting-edge technology, and limited distribution. Only when you add comfort into the equation have you succeeded at creating a great pair of shoes, and Mark Schwartz has perfected the recipe.

Not All Designer Shoes are Created Equal

Mark Schwartz has been designing and creating men’s and women’s Italian designer shoes for over 35 years. His unique designs and contemporary technologies have produced some of the world’s finest and most comfortable luxury-brand shoes.Higher-end designers rarely factor in the comfort level of a shoe because they are mostly fixated on the design element and how it appeals to the eye, rather than how it sits on a foot. Mark Schwartz works in a world of high-end leather,materials, and ornaments where he’s figured out skilled ways to make a designer shoe more amusing to wear. His men’s shoe line has a few things going for them that most designer shoes don’t, and it all starts with the shoe’s unique construction that keeps comfort and convenience top of mind.

When you try a leather shoe on for the first time your foot feels too snug for comfort, but Schwartz’s shoes will let your feet breathe and move adequately from the start. At Schwartz’s we use all-natural materials and no synthetics, which not only adds to the comfort, but it also guarantees that you’re getting exactly what you pay for which is custom Italian leather, fur, suede and more. Each shoe is made by hand and constantly tweaked and perfected to each size to ensure a flawless fit every time.

Mark Schwartz’s men’s collection consists of 6 different styles ranging from loafers to ankle boots, but they all have a common underlying foundation: the signature Mark Schwartz heel.

The Signature Mark Schwartz Heel

The signature heel on all of Mark Schwartz men’s shoes is engineered to provide support and balance and avoid placing too much pressure on your feet. The heel is not attached in the traditional style of most men’s shoes; Instead, the heel is attached separately with space around the heel, a design inspired by women’s shoe design. This gives the back of all his shoe creations an airy, light feeling while the heel itself remains masculine.

Try Mark Schwartz Men’s Shoes For Yourself!

Mark Schwartz has perfected a wardrobe’s most important accessory with his creative styles and shoe making skills. Seen on a number of runways in Paris and Milan and worn by countless celebrities all over the world, Mark Schwartz’s shoes are in a class of their own. Try a pair on for yourself and let us know if you agree!

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