35 Years of Successful Women’s Shoe Design From Mark Schwartz Releases a New Era of Men’s Fashion Forward Shoes

Stamford, CT: Mr. Schwartz has produced unique and compelling shoe designs for women. Schwartz considers shoes to be the most artistic and important accessory in a wardrobe. His shoe designs have graced the top fashion runways of Paris, Milan and New York, as well as the pages of fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle and W Magazine to name just a few.

Through out Mark Schwartz 35 year career, he has always secretly wanted to design and make by hand Men’s shoes. Part of the reason is selfish, he can’t wear the 4 inch high heels that he’s made is name in designing so, with his men’s collection he can indulge and also create some of the most creative, unique and best quality men’s shoes.


Mark Schwartz new Men’s collection consists of 6 styles from men’s loafers to ankle boots. The physical designs have a classic with a twist feeling in design. He pays special attention to the actual heel detail, being a woman’s shoe designer heel shapes and placements are so crucial. Mr. Schwartz heel is not attached in the usual way that men’s shoes are, he takes a que from women’s design and the heel is attached separately like a women's heel, with space around the heel. This gives the back of all his shoe designs an airy feeling, lightness but the heel itself is all-masculine. 


The men that wear Mark Schwartz shoes will be known for their fashion sense with bold details such as pockets in the shoes, newly mixed leather colors and fabric textures to make a standout statement that fashion matters for men too. 


Mark Schwartz Men’s shoes are all hand made in Italy with strict detail and attention to the fit and design detail. Schwartz is hands on working in the shoe factory to ensure that each stitch is perfect. 

Although Mr. Schwartz shoes have been made available at high-end boutiques and retailers throughout the years, he has decided to go the path of online shopping exclusively for Mark Schwartz followers of distinguished with an edge fashion shoes at